Possible "rolling instructor" for the Urban Exposure Film Project this summer.

Details to follow.

I'll be teaching a class this October on short ghost story writing though the Midwest Writing Center.

Details to follow.


Location TBD |  Date TBD  |  Time TBD 


Location TBD |  Date TBD  |  Time TBD 


Location TBD |  Date TBD  |  Time TBD 


Saturday Evening Live Presents the Village Idiots in... April Fools!

The Village Theatre |  Village of East Davenport, IA  |   Saturday April 27  |  7pm 
The Village Idiots are bringing you another episode of Saturday Evening Live in front of a live studio (theatre) audience. April Fools! No, but seriously, we actually are so you better be there!!! Hosted by Victoria House with special musical guest Giallows!

Village Variety Show

The Village Theatre |  Village of East Davenport, IA  |   Saturday March 23  |  7pm 
Come one! Come all! Can you imagine hula hooping magicians? What about Kung Fu mastery set to music? A singer? Some comedy? What even else??? TBD! If you're in town March 23rd you do not want to miss some of the most amazing talent in our area showcased specifically for you at the biggest little theatre in town. Jordan L. Smith presents a variety show you may or may not be able to ever forget. So come on down and Enjoy. The. Show.

Saturday Evening Live Presents the Village Idiots in Another Show

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Village Theatre |  Village of East Davenport, Davenport, IA  |   February 16, 1019  |  7pm 
We put on another show!!!

Saturday Evening Live Presents the Village Idiots’ Sketchy Christmas Special

Village Theatre |  Village of East Davenport, Davenport, IA  |   December 22, 1018  |  7pm 
Are you familiar with that show, Saturday Night Live? Cool! I'm working with some amazingly talented and hilarious people and we are putting on a 90-minute direct rip-off of an episode of Saturday Night Live. Expect to laugh because it will actually be funny (so I guess not a DIRECT rip-off). *Holiday Themes Present*

Celebration of the Literary Arts

CityView Celebrations at Trimble Pointe |  Moline, IL  |   Thursday, October 25  |  5:30pm 
I'll be hosting this innovative fundraiser to benefit the Midwest Writing Center where we will be announcing the 2018 David R. Collins Literary Achievement Award Recipient. The event will be held at a breathtaking new venue, featuring dinner, drinks, a social hour, and a keynote address by Iowa Poet Laureate, Mary Swander.

Sudden Theatre

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The Village Theatre |  Village of East Davenport - Davenport, IA |  Saturday,  Oct 6  |  7pm 
I wrote an SNL-style sketch about a rich Bettendorf (predominantly christian community) kid with two garbage parents. The sketch was riddled with drug, oral sex, and homosexuality references. They still let me write it and the local actors and production staff did one hell of a job bringing it to life. Extremely cool experience even though I had to work and missed the actual show.

Story Show: Epic Festival Tales

Triple Crown Whiskey Bar and Raccoon Motel |  Downtown Davenport, IA |  Thursday,  Aug 30  |  6pm 
I have a story to share about a music festival and/or I am going to make fun of music festivals and/or I am going to do a live comedically-dramatic reading of my re-written version of the plot summary of the movie Wayne's World 2. Expect a blend of all three. Come watch (or ignore me) and check out the other awesome folks getting up to share their tales as well. 

Speakeasy Laugh Hard Stand-Up Comedy Challenge

The Circa 21 Speakeasy |  Downtown Rock Island, IL |   Saturday, September 8  |  7pm 
Oh shit. A competition. Am I nervous? Fuck yes! That's ok. I am going to do my very, very best to get over my own extreme mental block about not being able to memorize anything and I am going to get up there and do my very best at being a real stand-up comedian. It's a fucking SKILL you guys. Not at all for the faint of heart. Come show your support to me and the other extremely talented and fearless comics who are getting up on stage while we make fools of ourselves for a chance at $1,000. Just FYI, $1,000 goes A. LONG. WAY. in this area. #costofliving #tagtheqc

Show Us Your Pokeballs At the Broken Saddle

It's Free
Broken Saddle |   Moline, IL   |   Saturday, July 21  |  8pm 
I'll be opening the show with a short reading of my creation before Todd Willhite gets up on stage so you can see a real stand up comedian and then the 'Show Us Your Pokeballs' improv troupe will tickle your funny bone with I assume wacky Pokemon Go scenes. 

Story Show

Triple Crown Whiskey Bar & Raccoon Motel  |   Davenport, IA   |   Friday July 20  |  6pm 
The theme for this show is SUMMER MADNESS. I'll be reading aloud a short comedy/horror essay I wrote so buckle the fuck up!  I hope they'll turn the house lights down and let me read it with a flashlight on my face! Is open flame against fire code because a literal campfire would be an awesome added-touch! 


Circa 21 Speakeasy |   Rock Island, IL  |   Friday July 27  |  8pm 
Featuring some of the best comedians from across the Midwest, this is the reason that the Speakeasy is known as one of the best comedy clubs in the Quad Cities.  

Planet Funk Con Panel Discussion on Something's Missing

TaxSlayer Center |   Panel Room 2   |   Moline, IL  |   Friday June 22  |  1:30pm
I'll be chatting about my children's book. Come hang out! 

The Midwest Writing Center's Read Local

It's Free
Bettendorf Public Library |   Bettendorf, IA  |   Wednesday April 11  |  7pm
Johnnie Cluney and I will be chatting about Something's Missing, come hang out! 

The Hollywood Hotel's Pretty Good Open Mic

It's Free
The Hollywood Hotel |   Los Angeles, CA  |   Saturday Nights  |  6pm
I used to do a reoccurring set at the open mic at the Hollywood Hotel in the very early 2010's. I was not fully mentally, financially, nor emotionally prepared to handle doing stand up comedy in Los Angeles at that particular time in my life!

Acme Comedy Company Open Mic

It's Free
Acme Comedy Company |   Minneapolis, MN  |   Monday Nights  |  8pm
This is where I got my start in stand-up comedy. I did not do it right. I pissed off a lot of comics and learned pretty quickly that the term "Minnesota Nice" should always be in quotation marks.