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A local guy has a kick-ass local business and was nice enough to interview me, please check it out:


My name is Lauren, and I am a writer. I also own a small, independent publishing company which is a very large-scale joke on the publishing and entertainment industries. I used to work extremely hard and strive to achieve a lot to both hope people would be proud of me and also to find some kind of fulfillment in my life but that has only lead to misunderstanding and heartache so my new goal is to do as little as humanly possible and just barely scrape by and if I end up homeless and die, well, at least I saw it coming. On the plus-side I do have a lot less interaction with completely intolerable people so that has been a true gift from the heavens above. 

Anyway, I have an astronomical amount of written material out there. There is also a ton of material out there that people will say is mine which isn't, and there are people that like to take what I've written and claim it as their own. Sharing is totally cool when you are an unimaginative piece of garbage! If you're curious about something I may or may not have written, simply ask. I have nothing to hide because I'm not a complete moron.  

Additionally, if you have a legitimate professional. writing, acting, or comedic opportunity for my consideration contact me. 


Otherwise, please feel free to go fuck yourself as hard as you possibly can. Thanks for checking out my site!